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Jacksonville Art Print 5x7

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It's always fun to recognize landmarks of a place you've only been to a few times.

I walked the length of the blue bridge one night last summer with friends and saw a model shoot at the Life statue in Memorial Park*. With family living in the area I expect I'll be seeing much more of JAX. 

This 5x7 art print is a great little souvenir to remind you of your fun times in JAX too! 

Fun Trivia

*Memorial Park is located on Riverside Avenue on the the St. Johns River.  The 5.8 acre property was purchased by the city of Jacksonville in 1919 for a park to honor the 1200 Floridians who died in World War I.  The bronze sculpture Life was created by the renowned Charles Adrian Pillars (1870-1937).

Today, Memorial Park remains a focal point for historic Riverside and offers a place for a pleasant stroll, picnic, or just enjoying the St. Johns River views.