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Travel. It's in my genes. On my dad's side. Grandpa even wrote a family book about it. And now I am going to continue the travel writing trend in the family. Right here. 

Past, present and future traveling stories, experiences, tips, plans and memories will be presented here and I would love for you to join me on the journey. 

When I was younger, we took many family trips to see family but we also made at least two true vacation trips which I always remember with a smile.  

The first was to see the foliage color in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan - birthplace of my mom. It was beautiful, chilly and a wonderful time of exploration. I have a thing for photography too (it seems to go in hand with travel) and this was a dream trip for a teenage girl and her camera. 

The second was an amazing trip to Prince Edward Island. We had watched the newly released Anne of Green Gables with Meghan Follows and were in love. Primarily with Gilbert. But also the red dirt. So dad planned a trip to the island. It could not have been an easy or cheap feat but the memories we made are priceless. This was back before the bridge so we had to take the car ferry over. We camped in our vehicle and pop-up camper. Mosquito bites and watching the tide at the Bay of Fundy are side notes to the trip. Our time on the island was not long but we did take the house tour and saw the red cliffs. And we were thrilled.

We were in the car for many a trip here and there for a variety of reasons but those are the two vacations that stick out in my mind from a long.time.ago. 


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